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Has anyone else spotted the T9 dictionary on Nokia phones behaving weirdly? I am convinced that earlier today when I typed in 428464, I got about 3 choices - none of which was having, the word I wanted. Now when I try it I get the choices of having and hating - which sounds like a good book title: 'Having And Hating' - a Gloria E Neuman Mystery. It definitely seems to have 'haveing' in the dictionary, which is a bit disturbing.
Something similar happened before in that I was showing someone the amusing combination of words you get when you type 7466464 - the first time I did this I got 4 words, thereafter (and on my new phone) I just got pinning and sinning. (another Gloria E Neuman Mystery, this time about intrigue in a sewing circle). As you can probably guess, the amusing word was 'rimming' (cue Beavis and Butthead moment).
The attempt here is to a) come up with a sentence which would be very embarassing if one were to type it in and accept the defaults, or b) come up with a sentence where the clue in a detective novel (or more likely a sad and mediocre episode of some sad and mediocre TV drama) is that the victim is killed before typing in the last character and the murderer, not realising this, hits 'send'.
The best word I have found so far is that when you type in empire, before you hit the last e you get doris.
It sounds like a task for perl and a dictionary but I don't think I am sufficiently motivated, though certainly sad enough.

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