Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

Jeremy Beadle

Many years ago, before Game For A Laugh, Jeremy Beadle was a phone in presenter on LBC in London (as opposed to Lebanon). I honestly can't remember much about it, it was very similar to Danny Baker's trivia schtick IIRC. Apart from being much better then, the thing that I think is notable is that in those days, before he reinvented himself and lowered his voice, he was quite camp. He used to refer to his producer, Bavin Cook, as 'Butch Bav'.

As I have probably said before, I do think the decline of British television can be specifically dated to Game For A Laugh [Citation Needed :-)] which was responsible for a step change in crass pointlessness. Nevertheless I salute Mr Beadle.

Of course, it is probably a great source of confusion that there is another Jeremy Beadle, author of two gay detective novels, Doing Business and Death Scene. I wonder if anyone has been severely confused, thinking they were buying a detective novel by the TV funster?

It is surprisingly difficult to find evidence that they are two people on the web - first evidence was the Google cache of Google hit 44.

Sadly, the other Beadle died (of AIDS) at an even younger age than his more famous namesake.

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