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Le servisto estas le murdiston

Apparently Amazon has 75 mysteries and thrillers containing the word 'Esperanto'. And 5 containing the word polyamory. I had made a detailed analysis of the uses of the word Esperanto in the ones that had a snippet of text, but frankly it was rather boring. The important thing is that you should fear the Amazon search inside the book, for it has the capacity to make most things seem faintly ludicrous. Which frankly they are.
One of the five mentioning polyamory is of course The O'Strossity Archive. Another is 'The Man Burns Tonight: A Black Rock City Mystery' which I am almost tempted to buy. The quote is "... Casa de Slutmonkey. There are camps dedicated to tickling, to polyamory, and to tea-bagging (don't ask). ..." which is better than any of the quotes about Esperanto. OK, cheap enough on Abebooks, ordered.

Does this make me a sad person for wanting to read a mystery set at Burning Man rather than go there. Perhaps. But in someone's wise words. 'I don't need to go to Burning Man. I'm British. I've seen outdoor art and straight men in tutus'. I have been to the Black Rock Desert anyway, probably better without the other people. We bought some pottery there.

Now, lots of hits for badger (less than weasel, obviously). Amusingly the first hit is a Leaphorn and Chee one (only earlier I was irking people by saying that The Yiddish Policemen's Badger didn't have the sense of place that a decent detective novel like a Hillerman or a Rankin would) which I have, the second is 'an Inspector Barnaby mystery'. Yes, incredibly (as I have said before, but I can't get over it so I'm going to say it again) The Midsummer Murders weren't just invented by ITV to be a derivative Morse-lite, they were based on some books about a derivative Morse-lite.

25 containing the phrase 'enigma machine' (first 2 hits Enigma and Cryptonomicon). Hmm, methinks that plot point has been done to death.

Anyway, that is the game for today. Time for bed.

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