Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

The great ooze

I now have an appointment to see a specialist for my general floating ear infection, which has been moving randomly from left to right, middle to outer and near the ear-drum to the ear lobes for approximately 6 months. This was done by the new irksome 'choose and book' system, the idea being that I get given a list of 5 hospitals and have to decide which I want to go to without any sensible evidence, then ring up to make an appointment, probably wasting the GP's time by asking him which I should go to before hand. Or, if you are me, you phone up and make an appointment at the J.R.

The last round of oral (as opposed to aural, ha ha) antibiotics made absolutely no difference. The last time I went to the GP (i.e. after the tablets failed to do any good) he gave me some ear-drops and antibiotic ointment. I am convinced that the ear-drops make things worse, so I have just taken to smearing the ointment everywhere instead.

However, because this round of medicine was applied externally, my Eustachian tubes are now full of Satan's Evil Acidic Ear Ooze which seeps out of my eardrums at night and dissolves / inflames everything in its path. Hence another trip to the GP. The normal chap I see was on holiday so I saw another one, who said I was 'very wise' to have said I wanted to go to the J.R. (most medics round here seem to view everywhere else as being little better than going to see the shaman to have the demons cast out), and that I might get a course of visits to the 'ear hoover nurse' who, he said, did little else other than hoover out patients' ears with a special device.

He also gave me some Augmentin tablets. My experience is that this is one of the more vicious antibiotics and therefore as a precautionary measure I shall be shortly leaping into a bath of life soya yoghurt.

Pictures on www.seetheweaseljumpintoabathoflivesoyayogurt.com or on YouTube.

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