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Come to think of it, there was a bit of software called 'More'

OK, having resigned myself to the fact that Spook Country has, at best, an X-Files spin-off novel plot, it is time to savour Gibson's writing, which I quite like.
Clearly the enormous number of things in the world that one thinks should be satire but actually aren't may have blinded me to the fact that one of the plot lines is Gibson taking the piss out of irksome techno-artist types...
On page 272, and I think this hardly counts as spoiler, Hollis is looking for Bobby Chombo.

"... You know he named himself after a piece of software developed at Lawrence Berkeley National Labs? Chombo."

"What does Chombo ... do?"

"It implements finite difference methods for the solution of partial differential equations, on block-structured, adaptively refined rectangular grids."

Sarah made a brief and probably unconscious face.

"Could you explain that?"

"Not a word of it..."

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