Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

Rambling, should be in bed.

t__m__i has sensibly gone to bed... I reply to one of her comments to my last entry and, lo, Outlook Express receives an email to say I have replied to her comment. I find this slightly disturbing

In other news, I am sure that the 27th April has some significance. I have a feeling that today is the 17th anniversary of my starting my 2nd job. Although I am handling the '40' thing pretty well, the concept of something being the 17th anniversary of anything more adult than starting primary school or being allowed to wear long trousers to school is a bit scary.

I also heard from an ex-OUSFG person who now lives in London. We have kept in touch pretty well, but I don't think I have seen him since he was doing his D.Phil, which I guess must be 15 years ago at least. I don't think I have even met his wife, though I think I saw them walking along Cowley Road whilst I was driving along it so couldn't stop.

We got round to going to the gym this evening. I was doing quite well last week, having been 4 days in a row (if you include yoga on Thursday), which was particularly pleasing as I was sufficiently motivated to go on Wednesday despite Maria having not gone. However this was let down by not going on Sunday.

Also pleasingly, there have been some fine videos on 'The Vault' this evening. I was thinking 'they haven't had 'Brimful of Asher' for a while' and, lo, it was the next one shown. Perhaps this is my new mystic power :-) The amazing thing about 'The Vault' is that however long you have it on for, they have things you haven't seen before. Today's one I haven't seen before was 'The King of Rock And Roll' by Prefab Sprout which, as well as a fine song, was a great example of the tediously and/or ironically literal minded school of 80s videos containing, as it did, jumping frogs and dancing hot-dogs. What can one say but 'albuquerque'?!

As if to prove my last statement, it is now showing 'Perfect 10' by The Beautiful South which I haven't seen before either.

Time for bed, anyway.

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