November 6th, 2014


Half gave blood yesterday - was half way through the donation when the person who had set things up said sorry the bag is defective so it won't be sterile so we may as well give up. The last time I went (between Christmas and New Year last year) they decided to have a go with my left arm as that was the way the bed was set up, the bruising meant that no blood came out. Oh well. Also I think I once went along at some point this year because the blood service phoned up and said 'can you come?', so I did and it was full because they had rung lots of people up. This time I went to the one in town in the ex-cinema, a strange building which I am slightly surprised survives. It is in a slightly weird position in a car park with the front just a metre or two from the back of the building in front of it. A better location than the village hall though, so I think I will stick with it.
For the sake of completeness I should mention that I finished watching A Dance To The Music Of Time on 4OD. My main abiding memory from watching it when it was on was that in cantering through 12 books in 4 2 hour episodes (40 mins including ads per book) it got a bit risible with the characters spending much of it reminding each other who they were and who they had been married to 4 books i.e. 160 minutes ago. Actually there wasn't much of this and only really in the last episode. It is really made by Simon Russell Beale as Kenneth Widmerpool.