August 13th, 2014

Pass me the sonic screwdriver, there's a good chap

How can "A dance to the music of time lords" not have any Google hits? Particularly as I used the term in a 2006 public LJ post - almost exactly 8 years ago in fact.

Whilst convalescing from my extracted tooth, have been watching some stuff on 4oD on our NowTV box (a Roku from Sky for 10 quid in the hope you will subscribe to something, which we haven't). Unlike the BBC and ITV they have lots of old stuff, presumably anything they think they can get money from putting ads in whilst streaming that they have the rights to. I have watched the first episode of the dramatisation of A Dance To The Music Of Time. All together now - 'don't mention the Waugh'. I think we know what they were aiming at, but 12 novels in 4 2 part episodes didn't really work, so it is rather surreal. Not actually as bad as I remember, maybe it got worse towards the end.

I also finally watched the last episode of How I Met Your Mother. That really didn't work, did it? Moral of the story, structuring a multi-season sitcom round a pre-set ending didn't work.

In 'Oceania has always been at war with East-Asia' news - the current state in the warring factions means that YouTube is now on the NowTV box, as well as ITV Player which joined a few months ago. I am sure it is only a temporary truce and they will start shooting down each other's satellites or something. Not, of course, that Sky owns 'its' satellites anyway - the UK ones anyway, don't know about the others and CBATG.

So, Anthony Powell as the next author to appear as a character of Dr. Who? No? Maybe not.

How about J. K. Rowling (as herself, perhaps)? Could have her regenerating into Robert Galbraith at the end of the episode.