June 1st, 2014

Matters arising - Mohgborr - bugbear not balrog


And my LJ post


"Deletionpedia - one of the finest sites on the web

"Once again I commend [info]vicarage for alerting me to its existence.
The front page is particularly fine at the moment...

"I particularly like the list of 'other pages this month'

"Synth rock is a musical genre describing artists using intentionally artificial sounds.
David Prescott is a PA director and youngest son of retired Labour MP John Prescott.
Indiana Jones and the Saucer Men from Mars is the latest Indiana Jones blockbuster, released in 2008.
Mohgborr is a young bugbear in a Dungeons and Dragons campaign played by the Northland Preparatory Academy Games Club.
The Madras Bulls are a biking club based in Chennai (formerly Madras), India."

2008... does that seem longer ago or more recent I ask myself? Actually, longer ago, I think.