March 8th, 2014

Oh Wikipedia talk pages...

Nachos talk page: (original spelling preserved)


It says that melted chedder cheese with nachos is delicious. I agree, but it's still an opinion.

No... I'm pretty sure that's fact.

Agreed. When does somthing become so universal that it's essentially fact? Or to put it differently, when is deviation from a position so illregular that the position is fact? Is "orgasm is pleasurable" a fact?--Devon DeFazio (talk) 01:24, 5 April 2009 (UTC)


OK, penguins... the following occurred to me...
our rubbish is collected as
a) food waste (weekly)
b) recycleable stuff, non sorted (fortnightly) - with leaflets telling us that we should put plastic in even if it says non-recycleable because they can do magic with some of it
c) land fill (fortnightly)
[also 'garden waste' fortnightly if you pay extra]

But given that they don't want the recycleable stuff sorted because they sort it, when not just divide things up into
a) food waste
b) gross / insanitary / small stuff that would get in the way of sorting
c) everything else

and have them do the sorting into recycleable / not, given that (a) I assume they have to do this anyway (b) the rules are somewhat opaque (c) presumably more would get recycled

Being a nice middle class area I suspect most stuff gets recycled anyway - quite often not many land fill bins get put out.