December 12th, 2013

Things I have just played from my phone having forgotten how good they are

Barry Andrews - Win A Night Out With A Well Known Paranoic
(bizarrely, when Annie Nightingale did a Sunday night request show as part of Radio 1's 40th anniversary she said she couldn't find a copy - as noted in my LJ at a time, she should have asked me)
Barry Andrews - Rossmore Road - I recall from the sleeve notes of the album that BA describes it as an uninflected song about a place i.e. I assume he means it's just about the place, not using 'place' to draw some wider point about life, love, badgers etc. In this it, of course, cannot help but fail. And of course on top of this is overlaid my own recollection of hearing it on Thameside Radio. Small boys, illegal FM transmitters for goal-posts, isn't it? Hmm?