November 10th, 2013

Tortuous idea for comedy sketch (requires CGI)

Rather than the prank call being Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand calling Andrew Sachs, it is Davros (see what I did there?) and Russell Brand calling Doctor Who (William Hartnell regeneration) with Davros not Jonathan Ross shouting 'he fucked your grand-daughter'.

Inexplicably I didn't post this to LJ

May have tweeted it, certainly I emailed A WINOLJ

The East German equivalent of Pan's People but usually with fewer clothes, Fernsehballett (the video is from ORB and may be after reunification) dressed as hares dance to Venus

And here they are at the beginning of Ein Kessel Buntes - the East German TV variety show and to my mind equivalent of Seaside Special (the countdown at the beginning is a thing of, er, thingness)

And a bit of nostalgia for previous spying and bugging scandals - Leon Rosselson's 'Ballad of a Spycatcher', his precis of Spycatcher by Peter Wright
"Did it save us from the Russians, did it keep this country free? Did it keep this country green and pleasant? Did it, buggery" (1987) (I have / had the single somewhere)