November 2nd, 2013

Ender's Game

We have seen it. First film I have seen in a mainstream cinema since, I think, the 2nd X-Files film in 2008. Between then and now we have also seen (a) gay zombie porn film (arty) at the NFT and (b) a German film about a club DJ in Budapest (German with Hungarian subtitles) notable for the female lead bearing a spooky resemblance to a woman who at the time worked for our erstwhile sister company.
So conclusions:
1. Cinema does not having anything resembling a box office any more - baffling us old farts, you just buy the tickets from what looks like the sweet counter
2. Ads slightly more annoying than before
3. The film itself was almost exactly as I expected and had exactly the same main flaw that I was expecting i.e. the part involving the zero-G battle game was cut down too much, and would probably have been unfilmable anyway insofarsas the descriptions of all the battles probably wouldn't actually make physical sense in 'reality' or the filmic version thereof. Actually it was slightly better than I was expecting, in that they didn't muck it up more than one might have predicted.
Not sure this 'cinema' thing will catch on though.