August 7th, 2013

Walls Orange Sorbet

I can find no links when I search for Walls Orange Sorbet. It had a lovely artificial colour, taste and texture. Real orange sorbet doesn't come close. It is the sort of thing that one suspects probably didn't actually melt at room temperature, so full was it of 'stuff'. I refuse to believe it wasn't Walls - it could only otherwise have been Lyons Maid. It was the sort of thing you would buy from the sort of ice cream stand that had 4 litre tubs of various Walls flavours.
The cash and carry with lots of freezers of stuff had an own brand but that was just nasty (and essentially tasted like nasty orange flavoured ice cream), and the lemon sorbet wasn't nearly as nice, and tasted too much like lemon, and somehow didn't have the right texture.
Is this another thing that only I remember? I would occasionally buy 2 litre tubs of it - you could fit a 2 litre tub in the freezer compartment at the top of our fridge (which had about enough room for one of these and some ice cube trays which I think were essentially all we used it for).
I doubt I could recreate it, don't know what was in it. Weird stuff, probably banned now.

There were also 'luxury' chocolate (or perhaps I should say 'chocolate') covered ice-cream deserts (think choc-ices but in plastic tubs), also Walls I think, there was an orange one which tasted quite like the sorbet but creamier, slightly.

I once had a very vivid dream about eating a chocolate covered lime desert of this ilk and then my Dad dying. I was always wary of such deserts, but I suppose since he has been dead for over 15 years I could risk one now.

Who remembers the frozen chocolates they used to advertise / sell - essentially they were like a box of chocolates (All Gold etc.) except they were ice cream - orange and mint. They were ludicrously expensive. 'Secret Moments'?

Fucked up shit (part 94)

Here is the latest post from the guy that found the Xerox 'oh bugger me, your 'photo-copier' has changed some numbers' problem Or as someone said 'You had 1 job, Xerox, 8 job'

The 'here is an option that if you set it to 'normal' means the thing doesn't really work, it's not a bug it's a feature!11!' story seems to me to fit in with the way the world works.