December 7th, 2012

I'm glad I'm not Jung, Henry Moore

For some reason at some point today I thought of the 'Alyssa explains vaginal fisting to Holden' scene in Chasing Amy. I honestly can't remember the train of thought but I think it was on the lines of 'vaguely cringeworthy film scenes' - I say as a matter of record that I do not spend much of my time thinking about either Mr Smith's body of work or fisting, and I doubt I have thought of Chasing Amy for years.
Anyway, on BoingBoing today there is an article entitled 'Kevin Smith announces that his final directorial effort will be Clerks 3' including the sentence 'it's sad to think he won't try to do something else out of the box. (Insert dirty Chasing Amy joke here.)'
Carl Jung would be proud.

(Fun Wikipedia talk page line: 'The movie is notorious for having brought the sexual technique of fisting into the public consciousness. Can we get some sources for this? If not, I'm inclined to delete it.')

(Inevitable Wikipedia talk page heading: 'Lesbian vs. lesbian-identified bisexual woman')