December 4th, 2012


Despite having got to work fairly late I was sufficiently wound up by lunchtime that I decided to forgo the delights of the canteen macaroni cheese and go into town to get a sandwich, then pick up some dog food, then go for a walk to the redundant church about 10 minutes down a path from the pet shop.
The buying of lunch is more complex than it sounds because of the constraints that
a) shop A does better sandwiches, but often has a long queue
b) shop B does better dessert (apricot tart), and rarely has long queues, but has marginally inferior coffee, and certainly inferior sandwiches (they are not bad, per se, just inferior)
c) obviously coffee has to be bought at the 2nd of the 2 shops you go into, if you go into 2
d) less obviously, I feel slightly disloyal getting a sandwich but not coffee from shop A
Therefore one has to have a look at the queue in shop A, then if it isn't too long buy the tart from shop B, then conceal this about ones person, and go into shop A to get the sandwich and coffee
(this sounds slightly madder than I thought it would when I started writing it)
The complexity of this weakened my psychic reserves to the extent that I ended up buying a copy of the Big Issue. Also I bought a couple of magazines as I feel vaguely obliged to buy some every now and then from the newsagent to make up for all the times I read the newspaper headlines etc. without buying anything.

The church is in a slightly bizarre location, in a cluster of five houses, there are no particular signs that there were more houses at any point. It was, apparently, a strip parish, someone of which I had not heard until today. It is definitely distinct from the nearest village - there is a footpath but not the shortest route, it goes to the other end of the village. To my surprise the church was unlocked, I guess someone in one of the houses has a key. On the notice board was a flier for a 'stop teh darkies breeding or we'll be overrun with them' organisation (obviously that is not what they claim their thrust is, but surely no-one is fooled). I probably would have removed it if someone hadn't already written on it something on the lines of 'we need to cherish everyone on Earth and work together to solve our problems'. A bit twee but deserved preserving, I thought.
Weirdly I have mentioned the church to people who run along that path and always get blank looks, it is behind a clump of trees but it is not by any means hidden, obviously some supernatural force involved :-)

I have known it was there for years but only got round to going to see it today. I keep thinking 'I should go and see all the nearby places at lunchtimes in case I end up with a job somewhere else'. But then I also think 'I should practice getting into work at a vaguely sensible time in case I need to do that somewhere else'. And that never happens. Hmm.

I suspect the sunlight helped my mood, a bit.