December 2nd, 2012

We have been here before with Toby Young

To save you wading through the comments, here is a fine one...

"I was at Worcester in 1986. When I arrived the student body was 85% Public School educated. There was a college dining society set up that was only open to students who had been to HMC schools. They walked round the quad in white tie with a specially designed sash. OUCA membership was so prevalent it was look at as a "machine" in it's own right. Winning the support of the Tories at Worcester was a big step to winning OUCA elections.

"The notion that Worcester was a hotbed of radical leftism is so bizarre that I can only assume Ms Wyatt has suffered a catastrophic memory loss. It had more Tories per square foot than any other environment I've ever been in and given that I grew up in Frinton-on-sea and now work in the Temple that, frankly, is really saying something.

"Sorry to reply to myself, but I remember that during my time at Worcester there was a fuss when a woman called Lisa Connerty (a mature student, studying English) wrote a newspaper article denouncing the College for being so full of posh young Tories that, as a working class socialist, she felt she was an outcast.

"In my own year we had Princess Charlotte of Luxembourg and Leon Britton's stepdaughter, neither of whom seem to have been chased about the college by pitchfork wielding communists."