September 24th, 2012

Graun Aid

You may have seen this suggestion that there should be a levy on newspapers to support town criers sorry, I meant on broadband to support newspaper journalism.
The comments are not wildly in favour though lack the wit I would have hoped for. Clearly the Guardian journalists etc. should do a record - Gruan Aid, ha ha.
"There won't be cash in the Scott Trust this Christmas time
We need to give A.R. a pile of dosh"
(A.R. = Alan Rushbridger, obviously)

Alternatively they could, perhaps, you know, charge for stuff. Or pass the hat around like the Morning Star. Would post a link but their website is down. Surely Gruan readers would pony up dosh?

I notice by the way they haven't updated their Open Platform blog since November 2010. Maybe decided this wasn't the best use of money by a failing newspaper group?