July 12th, 2012


1. In torch relay flint wall watch - the flint wall is not anywhere near finished, but the torch relay actually stopped just shy of it. Not, I think, because of the disintegrating flint wall, but because it was a sensible point to get back on the bus prior to the end of the village.

2. I still think the national pass-the-parcel game could be a goer - see http://www.telegraph.co.uk/topics/christmas/8190170/World-record-for-largest-ever-pass-the-parcel.html (warning, also picture of Jedward). Needs some thought as to how it would work.

3. Think I have reached my RD (W? M? Y? L?) A of Twitter. Also, big cull of RSS feeds. Have deleted Twitter client from phone, toyed with deleting Twitter account but have left it, would look a bit silly if I changed my mind.

4. Is the end of Embassytown a piss-take?

5. Is the reader supposed to think that there is a fantasy element to The City And The City (as in supernatural, beyond it being about that-which-is-not)? Or, indeed, am I wrong in thinking that there isn't one? My feeling is that the reader is supposed to think there might be one, but there isn't. Discuss. Or, as ever, not.

6. Can Kindles cope with the z with an accent on it in Beszel?