July 2nd, 2012

You have probably seen this

This, on schools in the 50s (in England) in the 50s is worth a read. It has done the rounds on Twitter so you may well have already seen it.

"So, one night I can remember sitting up in bed telling my mother (Connie Rosen) that I couldn't sleep because I was sure I was going to fail. She brought me some hot milk with brown sugar in it and told me that I mustn't tell anyone but I couldn't fail. She said that actually the whole thing was really decided by the headteacher. He or she did a 'recommendation'. If anyone failed who the headteacher thought should have passed, the schools found a way for that person to go to grammar school."

This paragraph interests me because I remember at the age of 11 when we did the 11 plus (in the 70s, obviously) I remember having the strong feeling that it was a fiddle and actually the teachers decided, with the test providing plausible deniability. Cyncial at such a young age.