June 3rd, 2012

Should be asleep

So, Lewis (and a trope in general)...

Do these abandoned mansions that were childrens' homes / mental (or otherwise) hospitals which are abandoned and decaying and occasionally squatted exist in real life? Surely they get sold off for flats?

Also, the Old Golf Course standing in for Port Meadow.

[ETA - and oh what bad young actors, surely this isn't the best, or even the non-bottom three quartiles the country can offer].

I understand...

... that this is the last time that the Queen will lay her eggs. As you know she injects them into the brains of the 3 victims with her royal ovipositor, they then die a painful and agonising death. I am pleased to say that the willing victims are David Cameron, Jeremy Hunt and George Osborne. The rite of the Royal Egg Insertion will be shown live on BBC at 9 p.m., don't miss it.

(original idea of the Queen laying her eggs from NickDoody on Twitter)