April 18th, 2012

Pages From Ceefax / Teletext In View (etc.)

Am pleased to see the BBC has caught up with my LJ post about the demise of Ceefax. I am amused to see that it has become news because analog TV has been switched off in that Lahndahn, although other regions have been switched off before and others have yet to be switched off. Shocked, shocked I am.
Anyway... my recollection is that at one point the 'Pages From Ceefax' or something similar on ITV or Channel 4 - the things that displayed pages of text on normal broadcast TV - used some sort of better text / graphics but I can't find any reference to this. Can anyone remember which / when / what was the nature of the text? I vaguely recall it being a bit more pastel coloured, but not actually significantly more high-tech (certainly not 'pages from the red button' or 'pages from teh interwebs' stylee).