March 28th, 2012

Chris Morris is writing the news again

The people who go on about the BBC being left wing in the face of all evidence to the contrary remind me of the factoid that if you have a mixed class of small children and the teacher spends less than 70% of the time with the boys, they complain the teacher is spending all their time with the girls. Heard that a number of times but [citation needed] obviously. But of course we bitter and twisted old people who lived through 79-97 aren't surprised at the BBC coverage of the government's goings on. Look at the Steve Bell collections in the ancient history section of the library. Talking of which, I saw a picture of a City Limits cover (top of the two images), got an enormous pang of nostalgia which I wouldn't really have expected. It was a very attractive magazine in that one of its design incarnations. Hard to believe London can only sustain Time Out, but then again London has lots of local papers, called The Times, The Guardian, The Independent etc. etc. - and a local news station called Five Live. As I have said before, one of the good things about our current car is that the radio can pick up BBC London pretty well, though some of the presenters can be a bit much, but I do find myself shouting OH FUCK OFF at it and then turning off less than I do at The Execution Channel. I should find some podcasts to listen to, I suppose, but I suspect it is one of those things where the searching is too tedious. I have mentioned the news story about the cards for OnDigital having their encryption hacked previously on Twitter. I am slightly confused as to what is supposed to be new about this story (I didn't watch the Panorama). I think it may be that the guy whose emails were leaked has admitted to doing what the leaked emails showed he did, but it all seems slightly weak to me, I hope the BBC isn't forced into a(nother) humiliating climb down. Also, I commend to you this guy's blog on the doomedness of Nokia / Windows Mobile