March 24th, 2012


For fans of such things, there are some videos on the AT&T archives. Sadly not any good hi-res 'reach out and touch someone' adverts that I have found yet. But I bring you:
A view of 2003/5 technology from 1991, which would have been interestingly prophetic had it been done about 20 years earlier (as I often say about True Names)
Plus AT&T adverts for the 100th anniversary of the telephone (really, of course, 'don't split us up, let us keep our monopoly' (no mention of Theodore Vail, the Bill Gates of his day).

Aargh. Verified by weasels.

Accidentally changed my Verified By Weasels password to the old one but IN CAPITALS COS I HAD CAPS LOCK ON.
Found how to change it, can't change it back to the previously used one. Thought of new one which I will probably forget. Will have to tattoo it on my left buttock in ROT-13 encoded Klingon, like the last one.