March 6th, 2012

Black Helicopters et al

1. The car has its MOT. The MOT 'certificate' now is just an ordinary sheet of A4 saying essentially that it is a receipt to say that it has an MOT in the database. Funnily enough, I was wondering why they bother with tax disks any more as presumably all police have access to the database and can just look the car up. I paid the garage with a debit card on their new machine, didn't really noticeably get a 'ah, I see you are one of Satan's minions' or 'ah, I see you are part of the New World Order' vibe.

2. Bizarrely, we got a warning email saying a helicopter was flying near our office at 4:30 p.m. I sent an email back to the site services person saying if it was coming any closer than the one last week that made my desk shake I was going to take cover. A helicopter did come over at 4:30, then another came closer at 5:30 (close enough to feel it but not close enough to shake my desk - I think that was the closest yet). I suspect we may have got a warning because someone complained about the desk shaker, I am pretty sure this is the first warning we have had. [We have also had ones landing in the grounds but they weren't RAF ones - an Environment Agency one and one from a film company wanting to use the Manor House as a location, IIRC].

3. SMBC Theater on Death - amused me - (also, the Internet speaks )

4. My fight against reference counting vs. Ruby garbage collection continues. I poke it in one place, it sticks out in another (incorporating 'code which has manifestly never worked and had a weird side-effect which didn't show up in its unit test').

5. Oh, is that the time?