March 4th, 2012


From Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal... it is often delightfully bleak but I think this one is the winner so far...

In 'better living through reckless experimentation' world... "Who was I apart from the angry little bitter gnomes that populate my mind and drive me to failure because I'm too scared to try?" (link to a link, but jwz's blog is often good for attitude filled snarky comments)

Have booked my day trip to Lille on Eurohole for mid-May, taking care to find a day I wanted to go on (based on other things booked relatively closed to it) where I could get the cheapest Eurohole fare. Further Googling reveals that Valenciennes is about half an hour's train journey from Lille and has a tram line, but I don't think I will attempt both in a day, and Valenciennes has a 2nd tram line opening in 2013 so maybe I shall leave it until then - it appears to have been heavily bombed in WW2 so does not look an over-exciting place. There is also my trip to go on the Midlands Metro to consider but I don't think I will be taking a trip on this - in my time have spent enough time driving round the outer ring-roads of Birmingham.

Whilst t__m__i was looking at budget Android phones (not to be confused with android budgies, obviously) I tried a couple of the Nekrosoft Windows Mobile phones. The OS is not bad, per se, but the text in the browser doesn't reflow when you pinch i.e. is about as much use as a chocolate teapot. I wonder if Microsoft think Apple has a patent on it? I imagine if they do think this then Google are just ignoring it. I have a slogan for them - 'number 5 in a field of 2'. Surely when you are 5th ( or 4th or 3rd depending on where you count Symbian and Blackberry these days) in a field of 2 you have to try harder? I really don't understand their loss of mojo. I wonder if Bill Gates WILL come back out of retirement following the failure of Windows 8 / Metro / WOA-DOA.

Random thought... if I were a mobile phone company other than Everything Everywhere I would be tempted to knock them with 'Oracle and T-Mobile like to pretend they're cool, but really they're the French and German phone companies'.


New York Times article explaining Londoners
The thing that amused me was the idea of the New York Times having something talking about this being the attitude of Londoners when this sort of thing (the 'seen it all' aspect, that is) is traditionally what is said about New Yorkers. Or maybe it isn't, maybe it is some weird sort of mutual suspicion / envy.

"Also: Londoners are not impressed by anything, at all, ever. Everything has already happened here — including the Olympics, twice, in 1908 and 1948. Sometimes, the weary stoicism of Londoners is a boon. But it is an outlook instantly affronted by any suggestion that any future happening is going to be profitable, transformative or, worst of all, pleasant."