February 18th, 2012

Blokes Do Stuff book idea

As you know, professor, there is a genre of book best described as the Blokes Do Stuff book, the seminal work probably being Round Ireland With A Fridge. There are, now, a lot of them.
Another possible name, to cause confusion, could be the Blokes Do Stuff, Man book, or BDSM for short.

There should be a theme (to the tune of 'Ere We Go)

Blokes Do Stuff
Blokes Do Stuff
Blokes Do Stuff
Blokes Do Stuff
'Cos It's Tough
Being A Bloke


Anyway, my idea, thanks to a suggestion by Mr J F Cat of this parish is

Restaurant reviews where the reviewer smuggles Maltesers into all restaurants, and crumbles them onto / into every dish, and then reviews the food with the Maltesers added.

Sadly I do not yet have a title for it.

I do not think Sheldon would approve

This is on Amazon (.com) I assume it, on some level, exists. It has one one star review. http://www.amazon.com/Wesley-Crusher-Teenage-Machine-ebook/dp/B007A2RTNM (does the Amazon URL mechanism automatically Bowlderise URLs I wonder? Well, some books with F*** in the title have the word in the URL and some don't. The book title that has impressed me most on this research exercise was 'F*** Me Father For I Have Sinned (Priest Erotica)')