January 31st, 2012

Tales of innocence, experience and bestiality

In bizarre ear-worm news...,

It started with the Go Compare advert, changed somehow in my mind to 'and you'll thank your stars that you had sex with a bear'.

Followed on with To Hell With Poverty by the Gang Of Four - 'I had sex with a bear'

Finally, One In Ten by UB40 'I had sex with a bear' to the tune of 'I am the one in ten'. Also ending with 'a statistical reminder not to have sex with a bear'.

I am only sharing this with you all because I love you.

In news unrelated to sex with bears...

Had a 'premium' eye test today. I have had a new annoying floater in my left eye which seemed somewhat different from the others, darker and smaller, and since I got my new glasses (based on an eye test I had about 6 months ago, but I only got them when I broke the others in my prang) I have found reading a bit problematic. I therefore wanted reassurance really, and got it. The test lasted about an hour. Whilst I was waiting someone was being shown how to use his varifocals - they look deeply unconvincing to me.
Apart from the need for reading glasses the optician said my eyes are good, and the glasses are fine for distance. He put the magic eye drops in, so I had to wait a bit before driving back to work, but I was going to grab a sandwich anyway. And an apricot and almond tart, and a coffee.
Then I had a trip to the dentist to have my crown put on. Since temporary fillings have a strong tendency to fall off for me, the dentist has taken to sticking large lumps of concrete in my mouth, and this one took quite a bit of chipping away. They then tried to charge me 210 pounds to which my response was 'hang on, I paid in advance'. Despite their computer system the real record of who has paid what seems to be an A4 notebook and eventually it became apparent that I had paid.
Of course, having only had a sandwich for lunch I was then left not being allowed to eat anything until 7 p.m. I am supposed to not eat on that side of the mouth this evening, which I have so far managed.