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I've got pie but I'm not a pion
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Thursday, December 29th, 2011

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2 a.m. question (IT, UK)
The vast majority of software development jobs on Jobserve in the vague area of Oxford are for C# / Java / C++ (I am not looking for one, I was looking to see what they were for), mostly on Windows. Clearly this is at variance with the impression you might get on the web that this area is full of people using Ruby On Rails, Python in Pails, Drusilla, Bhopal and other such lovely dynamic (in the technical sense) open source languages. Is this because
a) the impression is false because the people who make a noise about what they are doing (I am not using the term 'make a noise' in a pejorative sense)
b) the people who use such things find people via other channels (e.g. personal contacts) to a greater extent than those using C# / Java / C++ etc.
c) other, if so what?

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