November 13th, 2011

Red Logical Shift Left

Lloyd George Knew My Father
Alan Garner used to go running with Alan Turing
Hedy Lamarr invented spread spectrum technology
But Bob Holness didn't play saxophone on Baker Street
Except once at a party at Oxford Zoo
Where there was something magical about Hugh Grant
Though it was marred by the incident with the capybara which I have, I believe, mentioned before.

One of the many things that pass through my mind as being worth posting, which I didn't get round to posting, involved me saying that something was either Hedy Lamarr or Bob Holness, but I can't for the life of me remember what as the thing about Alan Turing and Alan Garner has crowded it out of my mind.

Idea for a TV show

Celebrities get to do things that they did according to popular legend e.g. Bob Holness plays the saxophone on Baker Street.
Flaw - I am not sure there are many others, and most of those are probably bizarre and sexual and unbroadcastable.

ETA - by synchronicity someone on Twitter mentions another one, Freddy Starr eats a hamster.