November 10th, 2011

Random Technology

1. 'Sky' box now mysteriously fixed and picking up all 3 satellites OK, perhaps the dog-sitter fixed it somehow.
2. Washing machine stopped draining. Then started again. Got someone to look at it anyway, poked it a bit. Also got him to stop the dishwasher weeing on the floor when the door opened, have got so used to catching the drips in a bowl that I almost didn't think 'hey, we're paying the call out fee, may as well get this done too', the gunk that h e dislodged with the trusty bit of bent coat-hanger was fairly revolting looking.
3. Kindle died. Amazon sent me a new one. They are very efficient and of course it comes already knowing it was me. This falls into the 'when you own the world you can do everything in house' category, I guess.
4. Next door neighbour has got a new roof TV aerial. Will have to ask how well it works at getting all the multiplexes, and how much it cost. The strategy (TV and Internet) is still ongoing. So many choices. The fact that 'Virgin' is a potential answer to both, as recommended by T Science of this parish complicates matters.