November 8th, 2011

Quick man, stall!

My considered opinion is that!/GNU_RMS is not the twitter account of Richard Stallman.
This suggests that his real account is!/rmspostcomments
Only one tweet, of course. A man who reads the web via a script that uses wget to mail him the pages for off-line reading later is unlikely to tweet.

Of course, bringing up RMS it is obligatory for me to mention "" which rebuts the popular and RMS-friendly view of the events around the creation of the two commercial lisp machine companies. Note the comments saying but everyone knows blah blah blah and Weinreb's reply saying yes, but that's because RMS's story was in Stephen Levy's book so everyone's heard that.

Talking of people who may or may not exist

... though I'm sure Stallman exists.

Anyway, PCW (late, semi-lamented, PC magazine) used to have a column which I assumed to be a spoof, by someone called Nick Beard. The joke seemed to be that he was a megalomaniac medical doctor turned IT director at some big private hospital. It wasn't terribly funny and seemed to be pandering to some obvious prejudices that PCW readers might have about IT directors, however given the sort of thing that passes for 'humour' in IT magazines / on IT websites (apart from, of course, the blessed Verity Stob), neither of these points disqualified it from being a spoof. And of course there is the name.
However, back in relatively early days of the web I saw a web page (what would be a blog post now, but possibly pre-blogs) by someone who I was fairly sure was real referring to this Beard guy as though he was real.
And now in the days of more stuff being on-line a search brings up someone who sounds like it is him, so I guess he was real after all. (for some reason he came to mind tangentially when I was thinking about whether the RMS Twitter account was real or not).

(that was a rather pointless story, wasn't it? Oh well)

Took the dog and bone up the apples and pears

Returning to an old flogged horse, in the hope that someone else has read it / has heard the theory.

Consider 'The Yiddish Policemen's Union' (aka The Cockney Policeman's Badger).

a) is the theory that the Jonbar Hinge IS that the main opponent of the settling of Jews in Alaska dies in a car crash (I have seen it stated that the divergence starts BEFORE this)?

b) If not, what is the divergence and what is the mechanism that e.g. Berlin ends up being nuked (Rule 10666 doesn't apply)?

c) If so, what is the mechanism that e.g. Berlin ends up being nuked etc.?

Presumably either way the theory is implicitly that without the Holocaust is remains OK to marginalise Jews. Discuss. Or not. (Notwithstanding the above, I still don't think Sitka works as a depiction of what a Jewish city would be like).