October 3rd, 2011

That thing with pterodactyls I'm not going to mention in an LJ post title

Arrived at over lunch yesterday, the main suggester being anonymous unless they wish to come along and claim credit, was the idea that the denouement of Torchwood Miracle Day was Captain Jack resetting the DNA of everyone on Earth by having sex with EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON EARTH (possibly in alphabetical order in the manner of Wowbagger, the Infinitely Prolonged).

The terrible thing is that
a) I cannot help but imagine that this would be better than the real ending, whatever it was and
b) I can just see them actually doing this

I imagine it being done in montage, with the Doctor helping out using the Tardis, then as a witty finale the Doctor (probably 9 in a guest reappearance) asking Jack if he fancies a quickie, and then Jack saying 'sorry, I've got a headache'

The punks of St. Eam

Clearly some / many people at BBC Wales want VERY VERY BADLY to do a steampunk series (*). I think they should be allowed to, in order to get it out of their system.

(*) rather than to do a steampunk series very very badly which I suspect is what would happen.