October 1st, 2011

Weasel Tech Footnotes

I went to a Google 'geospatial' thing at the Science Museum - i.e. related to Google Maps and Google Earth. According to the important metrics of quality of venue and snacks, Google are obviously spending money. Better than, say, AutoDesk in a crappy hotel near Heathrow where the background music couldn't even be turned off properly in one of the rooms - albeit just the room that the handful of people interested in their GIS type stuff (number 4 in a field of 2) were in.
I do not go to this sort of thing very often. Any attempt at networking, if I networked, would have been thwarted by the low lighting and over-long lanyards, requiring you to peer at people around the level of their navels.
It was rather light on technical detail, compared to say an equivalent Microsoft, AutoDesk or Oracle thing. Don't know what this proves, if anything. Part of the problem, I suspect, is that I saw / dealt with this sort of stuff when it was immensely expensive - there is a difference between 'technologies you couldn't have had at any price 20 years ago' and 'technologies that are given away free now that were immensely expensive 20 years ago'.
Certainly more jackets and ties than I had expected. Is that because it was London or because of Teh Recession? Discuss.

Afterward I went on a Thames Clipper to Greenwich from the South Bank. Quite pleasant but I can't see them being a big part of the commuter scene of London. This went past City Hall. If New York (or is it Chicago?) has the city hall you can't fight, London's looks like the city hall you could totally take in a fight pretty easily.