September 29th, 2011

As easy as falling off analogue

As an old fart, there seems something vaguely sad about TV that can only be received with the use of some sort of microprocessor etc. rather than a few valves etc.
Anyway, we have a Sky box without subscription (we got this back when the BBC channels were encrypted, Sky sold them for 120 quid and the BBC gave you a free viewing card [or rather Sky's call centre pretended to be the BBC and sent you one]). We are on the 3rd (or maybe 4th) Sky box, they are built down to a price and then a bit below. One was courtesy of Mr Vicarage.
The signal is currently a bit naff, I think we can't get one of the three satellites (Eurobird).
So, now that the signal strength has increased, should we get a roof-top aerial and go for Freeview instead? We lose Euronews which is now streamed on the web anyway, and various other things we don't watch, but gain Dave and the sharks and Nazis channels.
I do wonder how on earth people figure this stuff out - I sort of follow this stuff and understand the vagaries of technology and am still moderately confused. Or maybe I am kidding myself as to my understanding of the modern world.