September 6th, 2011

David Walliams

As you may know, David Walliams is swimming along the Thames, finishing in Abingdon.
Despite my tweet, I decided not to shout out 'oy David, your comedy reinforces rather than challenges British social stereotypes'. I took the dogs to see him finish the swim at Abingdon Lock. There were a lot of people there, and the church bells were rung. I didn't really get to see David as I had two large stupid greyhounds with me so I had to hang back, but there were lots of cheers etc. as he got out of the river and took a boat to the hotel by the bridge. It was clearly the most exciting thing that had happened in Abingdon since the last witch was stoned to death in 1973 (*).
Other exciting things in recent history have been (a) the bun throwing to celebrate the royal wedding (b) a lorry alight on the A34 one sunny summer evening.

He will be passing where I work at some point tomorrow, there is a GPS tracker and I'm sure there will be some sort of lookout kept, though since we moved building we can no longer see the river from the window.

(*) Following local government reorganisation in 1974, witches are now killed by the traditional Wantage method of burning them in a giant wicker badger at Wayland's Smithy.