June 30th, 2011

What a burner when you take off your goggles and find…

So, my HTC LividBadger now thinks I am in Abingdon. Sometimes it thinks I am in 'St. Helen Without', which is a real place. Well, civil parish, anyway. Earlier this evening it decided I was in Vale Of White Hamster, which is, of course, the district council. So why am I sometimes in the town and sometimes in the district? This is all done without reference to the GPS or mobile network, I think. I am sure I could find out what it is doing if I knew the right thing to search for.
The LividBadger has so far done a good job of hiding the foetid stench of Linux beneath. I would not say I love it but I think I can live with it (though not, as Gerald said, in the biblical sense). It is a bit sad that it only has Flash Lite so the BBC iPlayer won't work, even as far as I can see, the radio version. Which is frankly bizarre.  

'St. Helen Without' is the only wacky parish name in the district, all the others correspond to the village names. One thing I have never quite got to the bottom of is where all the strange district names come from e.g. Chiltern, Rushmoor, Vale of White Hamster. Someone somewhere must have come up with each individual name. In general these names seems to be districts where there are two towns which historically are rivals. I have never found any sign of there being a good book about the 1974 reorganisations. As I have pointed out before it is 'Vale Of White Hamster' without definite articles.