May 11th, 2011

Radio 4 Variations

I have finally found a version of the old BBC Radio 4 jingles, which I'm sure I have mentioned before, and which (as usual) no-one but me seems to remember.
This page has got it, it is the first thing in the Radio 4 section. Apparently, like the UK Theme, this was written by Fritz Spiegl.
This is a long and not terribly representative version, the theme that they used for the shorter jingles is played by the brass from 20 seconds to 41 seconds.

The weasel list part 1

Would be list of 'great lost masterpieces' if (a) they were masterpieces (b) any book can really be described as lost these days and (c) some of them weren't fairly famous anyway.
So a list of books which I liked that could, on some level, be described as being undeservedly obscure. Perhaps.

List first, then the start of more details under a cut. Not ranked in order particularly.

1. The Alchemists, Margaret Doody
2. Alms For Oblivion, Simon Raven
3. The Road to Paradise, Keith Roberts
4. The Bug, Ellen Ullman
5. Who He? aka The Rat Race, Alfred Bester
6. The Exploits Of Engelbrech, Maurice Richardson
7. It's like that cat, Emily Cheney Neville
8. You’ll Never be Here Again, Mark Blackaby
9. Wizard Of the Pigeons, Megan Lindholm
10 Summer of Love, Lisa Mason

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