May 7th, 2011

Different votes for the same folks

The town and district council wards are essentially the same, with our ward returning 2 district councillors and 3 town councillors. The candidates for district council were more or less a subset of those for town council (though a Green stood in the district but not the town). And yet people voted differently, with the district council having 1 LibDem and 1 Tory whereas the town council has 3 Tories. Therefore a non-trivial number of people must have decided to vote Tory for the town council and LibDem for the district. Which is of course not unreasonable since the councils do different things and could be / should be judged on their own records, but about 50 and 100 more people out of about 1000 voted for the first and second Tories for the town council than they did for the district, which suggests a degree of interest / engagement / discrimination which surprises me, I would certainly not take this much effort to decide 'OK, I think Sandy will do a better job with play areas than he will with car parks'. Do people think that the town council does a worse job with cemeteries, play areas, war memorials (just refurbished) and allotments (and red dog pooh bins) than the district does with car-parks and rubbish collection (and green dog pooh bins)? Hmm.


District council now solidly Tory, town council 11 Tories, 10 LibDem, 1 Labour. Wonder if that majority will last for 4 years in the face of by-elections.
We now have Tory controlled town, district and county and a Tory MP. Big sigh.
It is claimed that Labour decided to put the vast majority of their efforts into one seat, which seems to have worked.

The day after

I wonder if people really did vote Green in the district council election and Tory in the town (where the Green wasn't standing). Seems bizarre but might explain the numbers.

It's a dog eat potato world

When I came to give the greyhounds their baked potato, there was one bit fewer than I was expecting and a reassembly of the potato back from the segments showed that there definitely was one missing. Clearly one of them must have managed to get the other bit off the kitchen surface, but which one? Harvey is younger and taller, but Nellie is smarter. Certainly one of the foster dogs was caught with her paws up on the side of the hob and looking down into a boiling pan, and Ranger once got a chocolate cake off the dining table, though that is slightly lower.

The Fnords of Titan

I seem to recall that another (or maybe more than one other) famous SF story / novel apart from The Sirens Of Titan has the plot strand of aliens manipulating human history in order to get a spare part for a space-ship delivered. But what? Is it Dimension Of Miracles or some other Sheckley?