April 19th, 2011

Muntjac Barron

1. A muntjac running round in the suburbs in broad daylight yesterday afternoon. It then ran down one of the side closes. I am not quite sure how it would have got out without doubling back.
Maybe it is still there in someone's back garden. Did you know that they bark, apparently?
There is, I suppose, a reasonably green strip ending not that far from where it was, but I am not quite sure where they all live. There seem to be quite a lot of them. I see that Wikipedia mentions Oxford as one of the locations they can be found.

2. Don't think I mentioned... we were watching a Time Team a few weeks ago. They were talking about a lost dock in Liverpool. They had a reconstruction of what it looked like, done by our erstwhile sister company, who are who you would go to if you wanted models of docks, harbours etc. The guy they were talking to was name. 'Good grief, that's the guy that died', I said. A bench has appeared outside the manor house in memory of someone who died last year - 1964 - 2010. When I checked the bench it was indeed him. At the other end of the grounds there is a tree, with a plaque to someone who died about when I joined the company. I have re-stuck the plaque into the ground at least once. I think I would go for a tree rather than a bench, personally. Not least as there are already a bunch of non-memorial benches which don't match its colour. The tree is growing quite nicely.