March 22nd, 2011

StarWeb and Tantric Sex

For no adequately explored reason I re-read Alien Embassy, the Ian Watson 'tantric sex with imaginary aliens' novel. I had forgotten or not noticed that early one there is a very fine Pournelle, as I like to call blatant foreshadowing of things by having dialogue on the lines of
character A, muttering under breath: 'I wasn't expecting them to start trying to kill me so soon?'
character B: 'What was that?'
character A: 'Oh nothing, just muttering to myself under my breath'.
(which is more or less exactly what happens in a random Pournelle novel I read).
At the back it has an advert for Starweb, the heavily advertised PBM game. At some point decades ago I bought the rules. Somewhat to my surprise, it is still going

Nostalgia with added whippet

Someone has posted the first episode of The Paper Lads on YouTube

Features a whippet on a sofa about 55 seconds into the 2nd part.
When we had t'whippet and took her up North people appreciated her whippetousness, whereas people down here tended to ask if she was a puppy.

Surprisingly good production values for something done in 1977 by a second-tier ITV station.

The girl, who I hypothesise that I fancied at the time since I remembered the actor's name, seems younger than I remember but then I was 13 at the time. (fun fact, my LJ is the second hit on Google for "Judith Pyle" "Paper Lads" after the BFI database - indeed it is the 2nd of 3 hits, the 3rd being irrelevant)

If you were to watch the episode, it answers the question asked by pmcray as to what had happened to the previous paper lads. They were not, as you might have expected, killed by space bees.

(Suspect that the episode has come off the DVDs of random episodes of random 70s children's programmes so may not last indefinitely)