January 6th, 2011


I took the dogs for a ride to Albert Square^H^H^H^H^H^HPark and we had a walk round a bit of the park in the dark and some of the surrounding area. Bizarrely
one of the streets of terrace houses had all the houses down one side putting out their recycling in transparent plastic bags.
I infer that
a) since they don't have any easy way of getting wheelie bins out they are given / allowed to use bags instead
b) they have all got the day wrong (I imagine it was a chain reaction, but unless they are an undocumented exception they haven't allowed for the fact that we are still 2 days late due to bank holidays)
The parallel street with similar houses didn't have any out.

Oh the excitement.

Looks good so far

A history of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Special Sound by Louis Niebur (OUP US, by a professor at University of Nevada, Reno).

I have skipped to the end section in which, describing the end of the Workshop, he says 'It is also possible that electronic music as accompaniment for non science-fiction projects just went out of fashion', a sentence that for me is probably worth the price of the book alone (however much it was, no price on the cover :-)).

Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Florizel Street

Oh, forgot to say, though I said it to pmcray (*).
Watching the excellent BBC drama about how Coronation Street started (The Road To Coronation Street, I think) - no doubt it will come round again and you should watch it when it does - it struck me that a series set in an ITV company of the early 60s could be the British 'Mad Men'. It could have everything, actors, writers, money men, larger-than-life Jewish impresarios, in-fighting, intrigue over advertising accounts, brushes with the ITA etc.etc. I think Granada TV with the serial number filed off would be the best bet, as it is not Lahndahn, and ATV was a bit of an outlier as Birmingham was really an outpost of the ITC empire.

Doubt something like this would get made with the current techno-economic paradigm of British TV though. Shame.

(*) Personal communication (see, I have been reading academic books again, have I mentioned how much footnotes saying 'personal communication' pisses me off? I'm sure I have. What is the point, clearly you have spoken to the person, you don't need a footnote.