September 30th, 2010


1. In which all the good band names are taken... I thought that Dunning-Kruger Effect would be a good band name, but sadly if you look at Mice Pace someone has already got the name, for a band not obviously themed (cf Duckworth-Lewis method).

2. I also think there should be a TV series about incompetent detectives who don't realise is called Dunning and Kruger (to go with Lewis and Duckworth, of course). Starting an animatronic John Thaw as old school Frank Dunning and Haydn Gwynne as university educated Alex Kruger. I would particularly like this as it would confuse people by being a 'false friend' of Dunning and Kruger being the people who are incompetent rather than the people who studied incompetence.

3. The mobile bodyshop with bouncy castle was back today, I have a photo if I can be bothered to follow the tortuous process to get pictures off my phone.

4. "Gwynne lives in London with her partner, Jungian psychotherapist Jason Phipps, and their two sons, Orlando (born 1997) and Harrison (born 2000)." (WSMNBT,O)

5. I was going to add Malament-Hogarth to Dunning-Kruger and Duckworth-Lewis, but having read one of the papers referenced in the talk page my head is about to explode in polynomial time.

5. Bill Gibson (@GreatDismal) tweets: "The iPad keyboard dock lacks the crucial hashmark symbol! And londonneedsskylon!" Indeed!