September 21st, 2010


1. Following the 'Mr Shreddy' van (we shred any docs dot com, we shred any docs dot com), today the government agency opposite had two removal vans and a flat-bed truck. Not sure what on earth THAT was transporting. Probably a giant squid now grown sufficiently large that it can take its place in the cabinet. Unrelated to the giant squid (probably), periodically they have a strange mobile body-shop arrive, basically with a tent like a bouncy castle that the cars are driven into. I assume that it / they have a contract to fix minor dents etc. in the vast number of job cars that people at their office have. I guess the spreadsheets show this is the most cost efficient way. As the saying goes 'when you own the world you can do everything in-house'.

2. Bizarrely, I found a CD on my iPod I don't remember acquiring. I suspect I bought about 4 at once (something like the number I buy in a normal year) and didn't get as far as listening to it, it is the John Baker Tapes. Hadn't read the obit before, very sad. I have a soft spot for his stuff, though I wouldn't put him in the same 'genius' category as Delia and Daphne. There is, however, a definite 'Protect And Survive' undertone of 70s menace to a lot of things that are probably supposed to be completely innocuous (although I see that the beeps on the Protect And Survive films were by Roger Limb).

3. I don't think it was announced when I paid 25 quid for a ticket to see William Gibson that he was in conversation with Cory Doctorow. I wonder how much more tickets for Bill G without Cory Doctorow would cost?

4. O Canada. The existence of the Massey Lectures somehow passed me by. I cannot help thinking that the list of people looks much more inspiring than the Reith Lectures. But then I would... Stafford Beer and Douglas Coupland. Obviously the fact that 'Designing Freedom' was the Massey Lecture is something I didn't notice. It appears that it was available on CD at one point, though not currently as far as I can see.

5. My search for the CDs reminds me of my number one wish for Google. The THANK YOU I HAVE READ THE WIKIPEDIA ARTICLE, I DO NOT WANT TO SEE 50 COPIES OF IT AS THE NEXT 49 LINKS button.