September 12th, 2010

Ugh I feel wrecked

Went to bed slightly later than expected due to talking to t__m__i over chat whilst she was at Vancouver airport (I didn't realise you could clear US customs at Vancouver, but you can apparently). Then got up at 6 am to talk to her before she went to bed using the creepily easy to get working Google voice chat thing (so far, none of the things we talked about have appeared as the one line ad in Google Mail, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time). I had a couple of caffeinated coffees with cloudhigh at lunch yesterday, so I have had to have another one as a precautionary measure prior to my 10 mile run. Also I have prepared some emergency 'don't feel like eating but ought to' breakfast of a handful of spoon side shredded wheat type things.

The internet is for incoherent write ups of dreams (games, plots, etc. etc.), part 94

I had one about owning a bunch of houses, essentially in a square consisting of four of the major types of Oxford buildings, one at each corner - one Georgian house, one Victorian (Norham Manor style), a row of a few worker's cottages (Jericho) and a block of 70s style flats in the nasty dark brown grey brick of the time.
Now, the thing was that they were being used for a reality TV show consisting of a bizarre mixture of Big Brother (i.e. people to be voted off), Celebrity Big Brother (i.e. including celebrities as well), MTV Real Life type thing i.e. a bunch of people living in the house for a year for free in return for being shown on TV, plus people could pay money to rent flats or the cottages for holidays and they would then appear on the show with the others, plus agent provocateurs - actors hired to pretend to be one of the others. I remember Michael Douglas was one of the celebrities.
Obviously the mechanism and rules need some thought but I think it could be made to work.

I suspect my subconscious came up with this because a conversation with Mr J F Cat of this parish reminded me of the sort of mad sprawling game you invent as a young teenager which attempts to fuse things like D&D, Cluedo, Hex Boardgames (White Bear Red Moon) in my case, Monopoly and who knows what else. Though I still like the idea of D&D Cluedo.

Also at lunch we had an idea for a setting of a novel, though I think it could work as a TV series too... a real elf living incognito rents a room in a shared house in which, though this didn't emerge in the room-mate interview, the other house-mates are all otherkin (look it up on Wikipedia if you don't know what they are, though I'm sure you do). Hilarity ensues.