June 26th, 2010

The coot club

Here's a question - what is the shortest body of material (TV, film, books) that has its own fandom in the sense of at least one fanzine having been written about that material and/or at least one con having happened?
The Prisoner is, of course, 17 hour long TV episodes. I assume there was Star Wars fandom after one film? What about books, I suppose there were probably only 3 Thursday Next books when there was the first con?


1. It occurs to me that the story with Zoe Heriot and James Herriot should be called 'The 2 Doctors and the 3 Vets', thereby being able to include doctors 2 (to have Zoe) and 5 (to have Peter Davison) and the 3 vets from All Creatures Great And Small (a possible contender for the annals of Same Actor Different Character Slash).

2. For those who like this sort of thing, and I am slightly conflicted I must admit, I commend Janis Ian's song she did for the Nebula award ceremony to her own tune 'seventeen' - 'welcome home'. Lyrics Here MP3 Here

EastEnders With Squid Worshippers

Kraken by China Mieville... probably his best yet. Somehow I see this as being his 'Neverwhere'. More a horror fantasy than a fantasy, bits are genuinely icky. It suffers slightly from everything including the kitchen sink syndrome.
It did make me feel that EastEnders could do with an influx of squid worshippers. Get onto it, BBC.