May 21st, 2010

24 Hour Sparty People

You have about 2 days to listen to Cornelius Cardew's 'Consciously', the first thing played on The Freak Zone
It is almost as good as 'Sing For The Future', sadly I can't find it on line but Amazon have a 30 second clip which gives a flavour of it
(the lyrics of this segment are, in case they're not clear, as the fitting of words to tune are enough to make ones eyes water, are

"In the midst of this dying old world
The proletarians of all lands are fighting.
The oppressed in their millions are rising
Demanding their social and national liberation.

Our songs are songs of proletarian struggle,
Revolution and sacrifice.
Genuine Marxist-Leninists on the world scale
Are organising to end the old world.

We sing for the future
Proletarians of all lands"

(see )

So, was he really killed by an MI5 hit, I wonder. I can't quite see it myself, but it was 1981 and he was one of the central committee of The Revolutionary Communist Party Of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) [from memory, maybe it was another one, let me look... ah, it was Britain, not Great Britain, almost right]

Doing some Googling...

... have just found a conspiracy site suggesting I think (as far as a very quick scan over some rather tortuous prose can determine) that Russell Harty was killed by the Masons.