April 14th, 2010

Step away from the PopCo, Mr Weasel

Grabbed as a bathroom book, I read the first paragraphs about how quiet Paddington Station is at 11:30 p.m. Not my recollection.

Coincidentally, third row fandom alerts me to the fact that Ms Thomas has a new novel out. Amazon says:
"If Kelsey Newman's theory about the end of time is true, we are all going to live forever. But for Meg - locked in a dead-end relationship and with a deadline long-gone for a book that she can't write - this thought fills her with dread. Meg is lost in a labyrinth of her own devising. But could there be an important connection between a wild beast living on Dartmoor, a ship in a bottle, the science of time, a knitting pattern for the shape of the universe and the Cottingley Fairies? Or is her life just one long chain of coincidences?"

Can't wait.