March 23rd, 2010

Tensher Tensher said the Hensher

Have got the Philip Hensher novel about the clerks of the House Of Commons from the library from its central store, for the 85p reservation fee. Do not think I am going to bother any more with it it suffers from
a) as far as I can see having exactly the same characters as the other Philip Hensher novel I read described in exactly the same way (figuratively not literally, it is not a prequel)
b) and the funeral described was very much like the wedding in the other one
c) and as I have said before, decades of SF, fandom, geekdom have made me so jaded that a mild sex scandal amongst the great and good of London doesn't really interest me. Unless there are furries at the very least, I don't want to know.

Have just filled in the questionnaire on the BBC strategic review

Perhaps I called 5 Live a national disgrace too many times. But maybe you can never call 5 Live a national disgrace too many times. I also said that I paid hmmmph for a car DAB radio and if I had known that 5 Live and the World Service were going to go down hill and that they were going to get Shaun Keaveny to do the 6 Music breakfast show I would have saved my money.
Anyway, the embittered crank segment of the population needs to have its voice heard, too.