February 20th, 2010

CSU Now!

"The great Crow Aptok, the man
who could hood his eyes like a hawk.
(Once in the North was issued
his terrible final judgement:
Landarse drools.) "

As documented on its website the Crow Aptok graffiti on the bridge over the A40 is no more. I spotted its absence the last time I drove to London. I believe it has been there since the late 70s, before I first travelled to Oxford by car from Amersham, jewel of the North West London exurbs.
My assumption had always been vaguely that it was a name of a long defunct local band although there had to be some question as to whether the AP and the TOK were connected. Dr Cray, (whom God preserve, of Utrecht) was moved to post about it here.

Clearly nothing is safe. We must save the Blackhall Road dinosaurs - which feature on the Blackhall Road Wikipedia page (and I see that a comment from our very own addedentry can be seen on the talk page).